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The Dilemma of Difficult People:
Managing Ourselves and Our “One Anothers”

October 22 | 4 pm | Room C 221

All women of Taylors are invited to join us!

Presented by Marilyn Nutter

 We are bound to meet difficult people. They may not make choices we like or think the way we do. Like porcupines, they are prickly, and like sandpaper they are rough. On the other hand, sometimes, we can be that difficult person. As women of influence, we will explore this topic and look at living with one another authentically in our quest to reflect the mind and heart of God.

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November 3-4  |  TD Convention Center

Come and experience ABUNDANCE if you want to:
• Explore the sufficiency and generosity of Christ through biblical teaching
• Study Scripture alongside hundreds of women just like you
• Leave feeling encouraged and spiritually refreshed

Cost: $69  |  Learn More and Register Here