March 30, 2014 Sermon Notes

Posted on Mar 30 at 09:36am

Nehemiah // What Does Transformation Look Like?

Nehemiah 8:13-18

You can wipe out a generation of people. You can burn their homes to the ground, and somehow they’ll still come back. But if you destroy their achievements, and their history, then it’s like they never existed. – The Monuments Men

A. Time spent studying the Word (Nehemiah 8:13)
B. Obedience that is displayed immediately (Nehemiah 8:14-16)
C. Obedience that is displayed outwardly (Nehemiah 8:14-16)
D. Obedience that is displayed genuinely (Nehemiah 8:17-18)

1. Exceeds custom, tradition, and mediocrity

2. Depends upon the constant intake of the Word

March 30, 2014 Worship Sets

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Let There Be Glory And Honor And Praises

O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing

My Jesus I Love Thee

The Old Rugged Cross

There’s Something About That Name

Written In Red

Take My Life And Let It Be

March 23, 2014 Worship Sets

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All Hail The Power

God Will Make A Way

It Is Well With My Soul

I’d Rather Have Jesus

He Looked Beyond My Fault

Have Thine Own Way


March 16, 2014 Sermon Notes

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Nehemiah // Transformed

Nehemiah 8:1-18

What are the marks of a people ready to be transformed by the Word of God?

1. Awakened to the Word (Nehemiah 8:1-8)

A. Desire to hear the Word (Nehemiah 8:1-3)

We own more Bibles than we will ever use, but we are slowly starving to death because we have lost our appetite for Scripture. – Krish Kandiah

“Americans revere the Bible but, by and large, don’t read it.” – George Gallup Jr. and Jim Castelli

B. Ready your heart to meet God (Nehemiah 8:5-6)

C. Understand and apply it (Nehemiah 8:7-8)

Bible reading has become the religious equivalent of sound-bite journalism. When people read from the Bible they typically open it, read a brief passage without much regard for the context, and consider the primary thought or feeling that the passage provided. If they are comfortable with it, they accept it; otherwise, they deem it interesting but irrelevant to their life, and move on. There is shockingly little growth evident in people’s understanding of the fundamental themes of the scriptures and amazingly little interest in deepening their knowledge and application of biblical principles. – George Barna

2. Examined by the Word (Nehemiah 8:9-12)

A. Open your mind and your heart (Nehemiah 8:9) – When we look into the Word of God, we see a reflection of God and the reality of our own lives.

B. Recognize and receive grace (Nehemiah 8:10-12) – The good news of the Scriptures: grace through a sacrifice brings us back to God.


1. Begin reading the Scriptures for yourself.

2. Begin reading the Scriptures with greater intentionality.

3. Begin reading the Scriptures with other people.

4. Begin walking through the Scriptures with other people.

March 16, 2014 Worship Sets

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All Hail King Jesus

O Worship The King

Thou Art Worthy

You Are My All in All

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Take My Life Lead Me Lord


I Have A Hope

All Hail The Power

Whom Shall I Fear

How Great Is Our God

Our God

I Have Decided To Follow Jesus

March 9, 2014 Worship Sets

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Rejoice Ye Pure In Heart

Give Thanks

O Come Let Us Adore Him

All Rise, Majesty

How Great Thou Art

Living For Jesus

March 9, 2014 Sermon Notes

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Nehemiah // The Joy in Perseverance

Nehemiah 6:1-16 & Nehemiah 7:4-6

Life is hard, but when we persevere there is great joy ahead.  There is joy from finishing the work and joy from God being glorified.  In spite of opposition, Nehemiah did not stop, give up, or run away.  He trusted in God and kept fighting!  Because of his completion of the work, the people of God returned to Jerusalem and God was made glorious once again in His city!

Nehemiah’s Perseverance

1. I Will Not Stop

Nehemiah 6:1-4

– Neighboring enemies developed schemes to destroy Jerusalem again

– No matter the opposition, Nehemiah stayed laser focused on what God had asked him to do

– Nehemiah knew that if he stopped it would show weakness and possibly open up the door for the enemy

2. I Will Not Give Up

Nehemiah 6:5-8

– Sanballat accused Nehemiah of preparing Jerusalem to revolt

– Sanballat accused Nehemiah of trying to become king

– Sanballat was trying to intimidate Nehemiah from rising in power

– Nehemiah rejects these accusations

– Nehemiah recognizes they were trying to scare and discourage them

– Nehemiah decides to turn to God and ask for His help!

 3. I Will Not Run Away

Nehemiah 6:9-14

– Never Trust a Man on House Arrest (joke)

– Another plot is formed by Shemaiah to distract and or kill Nehemiah

– Shemaiah tries to get Nehemiah to enter the temple

– Nehemiah discerns well and refuses to run away

– Nehemiah recognizes their scheme and acts in faith, not fear

The Joy in Perseverance

Nehemiah 6:15-16

– Imagine the feeling of laying that last brick!

– Stress of physical labor for that long, 52 days

1. God is Feared

– When you realize your lack of power is when you become fearful

– ALL the surrounding nations were intimidated (contrast going from the intimidators to the intimidated)

– The surrounding neighbors ultimately saw that this work was beyond Nehemiah’s power.

– Surroundings nations looked beyond Nehemiah, and feared his God

2. God is Glorified

– God ultimately received the glory, not Nehemiah or his other appointed leaders

– Something happened here in Jerusalem that was simply beyond their means! They were in awe!

– Illustration: This is why so many paid attention to Jesus.  He was doing things beyond the natural

3. His People Restored

Nehemiah 7:4-6

– “The city was large and spacious, but there were few people in it”… this represents that the complete restoration had not taken place yet

– Verse 6, “Then my God put it into my mind to assemble”

– Verse 6, “Each of them returned to his own town…”

Nehemiah endured ridicule, shame, and threats in order to not just build walls, but to reclaim what was truly God’s.  In a few hundred years, Jesus would come, walk through those gates and do the same.

Hebrews 12:1-3

Do not stop. Do not give up. Do not run away. Turn to Jesus. Trust in Him.

March 2, 2014 Worship Sets

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I Will Praise Him

Holy Holy Holy

I Sing Praises

I Stand Amazed

My Great God Cares For Me

More Precious Than Silver

I Worship You Almighty God

The Solid Rock

I Surrender All



Forever Reign

I Bow Down

Victor’s Crown

I Surrender All

March 2, 2014 Sermon Notes

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Nehemiah // Relationships, Part 2

Part 1 was on February 16, 2014

Nehemiah 5:1-19


1. Sources of the Conflict (Nehemiah 5:1-5)

A. Lack of sensitivity to the needs of others.

B. Lack of seriousness about what God says

2. Solution to the Conflict (Nehemiah 5:6-13)

A. Think before you act — “I took counsel with myself.” (Nehemiah 5:6-7)

B. Identify and communicate the source of conflict clearly (Nehemiah 5:7-8)

C. Point to the standard (Nehemiah 5:9)

New Material

D. Practice what you preach (Nehemiah 5:10)


The sin or behaviour that you’re most critical of in other people is often the sin or behaviour that remains undetected in you.

Matthew 7:3-5

E. Restore with generosity (Nehemiah 5:11)

F. Commit to see it through (Nehemiah 5:12-13)

3. Sacrifice that Prevents Conflict (Nehemiah 5:14-19)

The path of Christianity doesn’t lead us toward a defense of our rights and privileges, it leads us to the cross.

Philippians 2:3