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Antioch | Week 3 | Innovation

Posted on Nov 01 at 09:44am

November 1, 2015 | Sermon Notes

Warning: instead of conduits for a movement of the Spirit and the gospel, the church can become simply a gatekeeper of religious practices.

The Western church, particularly mainline and evangelical churches in North America, has become more of an institution than a movement. The early church, including Antioch, was more a movement than an institution. What’s the difference? … In a movement, the focus is on accomplishing some greater good outside the needs of the members. Institutions, on the other hand, often claim an external purpose but create systems and processes mostly designed to sustain themselves. – Jeff Iorg, The Case for Antioch

Principle of innovation: never changing message, ever-changing methodologies.

I. What does innovation in a church look like?

Acts 11:19-21

1. Innovation is fueled by Spirit-filled courage to reach the lost.

Acts 13:1-3

Acts 11:22-26

2. Innovation sees the potential in people to build the body and grow the kingdom.

3. Innovation produces ripple effects in the community around the church.

4. Innovation requires flexibility in receiving and practicing new applications of the gospel (Acts 15).

II. How do we innovate to become conduits of the gospel?

Mark 9:18-22

1. Place Jesus and the new life of the gospel at the center of our church life.

2. Think of people: how the gospel reaches and renews them.

3. Prepare and ask God to transform us with courage and compassion to allow the gospel to move through us.