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Camp in the City: Not Just For Your Kids

Posted on Mar 05 at 11:00am

Camp in the City was an awesome experience for all of our kids, even the one who is too old to go to camp!  For our ten-year-old twins,  it was their first camp experience.  Neither of them care to spend the night away from home, so a camp where they got to come home every night was perfect. At the time we had a foster child living with us and CITC was his opportunity to see young adults living out their faith in Christ.  The love and compassion shown to him was AMAZING!  All of the camp counselors took extra time and effort to meet his needs and really show the unconditional love that Christ has for each of us.

As a host home, we had the privilege of ministering to three female camp counselors.  We chose female counselors because our twins are girls and would be attending camp.  They were mostly at our house to sleep, shower and eat breakfast except for one night.  That night, they spent time with our family having dinner and playing games.  On another night, the whole family was able to go to a swimming party for the counselors and host families.  It was at this party that our oldest, Zach, age seventeen, was impacted by the counselors.

He is almost as old as some of the counselors and being able to interact with those young adults and seeing them proud of their Christianity and walk with Christ made quite an impact.  In fact, Zach requested that we host male counselors next year so he has a little more time to interact with and learn from them!

-CITC host family in 2014 and planning to host male counselors in 2015