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December 1, 2013 Sermon Notes

Posted on Dec 01 at 06:48am

Advent // HOPE

Matthew 12:15-21

1. Our Hope Must be Placed in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. (Matthew 12:18)

Don’t underestimate the impact of this one word “here,” for in it holds the promise of the Incarnation…God becoming man in order to save us.

2. Our Hope Must be Placed in a Gentle and Merciful Jesus. (Matthew 12:19-20)

They wanted a Savior to bring them victory over all the nations, and they missed the Savior offered TO the nations.

3. Our Hope Must be in a Returning Christ, as He judges the world. (Matthew 12:20-21)

Jesus the servant, the loving Savior preserving our bent reeds and smoldering wicks, willing executed the just judgment for our sin upon Himself at the Cross.