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We hope you will browse our selections and make yourself at home in our new environment. Available to check out are books, CDs and DVDs from the traditional Bible Commentaries and Bibles to novels and biographies, books about marriage and family, travel and finance, and much, much more.


Sunday: 8:15-12 pm and 5:15-6 pm
Wednesday: 4-7:45 pm

Self Checkout Available

Remove card in back of book.  PRINT your name and date due (2 weeks from today’s date) legibly on card. Remember to print date due on the attached “date due slip” in back of book so you will know when to return the book. Books can be checked out for TWO weeks; DVDs and CDs can only be checked out for ONE week and only when a library staff is on duty.

Put card in mesh basket on the circulation desk.

If this is your first time using the library or if your information has changed, please complete an information sheet.


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Books Available for Purchase

Books by Dr. Frank S. Page

Trouble with the Tulip, $15.50
Melissa, $15.50
The Nehemiah Factor, $15

Books by Betty Killian

Miraculous Moments, $5
God at the Founding, $10

Books by Jean Flynn

History of the First Baptist Church of Taylors, SC, $15
The History of the First Baptist Church, Volume 3 The Carswell Quarter Century 1972-1997, $15
History of the First Baptist Church of Taylors with Fifteen Years of Century Two 1964-1979, $15

Book by Dr. Ernest Carswell, Jr

The Best of All Good News, $10

Books by Dr. Gregory Frizzell

How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life, $6
Returning to Holiness, $6

Also Available

150 Anniversary Book, $15
Prayer Journals, $6