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God is Here | Week 1 | Promise

Posted on Nov 29 at 09:14am

November 29, 2015 | Sermon Notes

Acts 13:1-3

Series Text: Matthew 1:22-23

Sermon Text: Isaiah 7:1-2

1. God is here because of His mercy despite our sinfulness.

Ahaz was a wicked king but God desires to show mercy and faithfulness.

2 Kings 16: 1-4

2. God is here through His revelation that is much wiser than our rationalization.

We often search for answers horizontally, not vertically. Yet, we find God when we seek Him – call upon Him while He may be found. The threat is real, not just realized.

Isaiah 7:3-9

3. God is here based on His perfect timing not on our personal sense of urgency.
4. God is here means that His overwhelming power can meet any difficult circumstance we face.
5. God is here because He desires to strengthen our weak faith.