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God is Here | Week 3 | Deliverance

Posted on Dec 20 at 09:17am

December 20, 2015 | Sermon Notes

Matthew 1:22-23

The question forced upon Judah by this threat was one of trust: in what will God’s people trust for salvation—in human strategies of self-rescue, or in prophetic promises of divine grace? – ESV Study Bible, Introduction to Isaiah

Isaiah 7:10-16

1. God’s extends grace in order to strengthen faith.
2. Fearful hearts that refuse God’s grace become hardened hearts headed for trouble.

The king was more concerned about immediate deliverance but God is more concerned about dependence.

3. Hardened hearts exhaust and weaken others while disappointing God.
4. God’s presence in the middle of today’s fears assures us of tomorrow’s deliverance.

Isaiah 8:11-15

5. God’s presence and deliverance is fully realized in God’s Son.