Our History

Take a few moments to peruse our history and note how Taylors FBC has been a constant presence in this ever-evolving historical community and remains a major source of connecting people to God, to our surrounding neighbors, and to the world.

first building

The original, octagonal church building at Chick Springs.  This structure was disassembled when the church moved from Chick Springs to Taylor’s Station and then reassembled until our current Chapel was built in 1922

In the midst of the Civil War…

Taylors FBC has a long and storied history. In the post-Revolutionary War era, land grants surrounding what is now Taylors began to be a central point of connection. A summer resort built in the 1840’s brought many people of all backgrounds to the community, making our area a resort destination.  About twenty-five years later in 1864, Chick Springs Church, our church’s original name, was founded by a group of families during the height of the Civil War as a refuge for those who were hurting.

Changing with Our Community…

Later, when the Southern Railway came through the area in 1873, the economic center of our community shifted from Chick Springs to Taylor’s Station. In 1885, the church moved to follow the economic development of the area and became what we know today as Taylors First Baptist Church.


In 2014, Taylors FBC celebrated it’s 150th Anniversary with many events during the year that culminated in a week-long event in September.  We now look forward to the next 150 years and all of the life-change they will bring!

Knowing where you came from is the first step in knowing where to go next.  Take some time to reflect on where our church and community has been and dream about what God has in store for the next 150 years…

Information Sources

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