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James | Week 5 | Authentic Love | Taylors FBC Sermon

Posted on Feb 14 at 09:10am

February 14, 2016 | Sermon Notes

1. You cannot carry the name of Jesus in one hand and show favoritism with the other (James 2:1)
2. We’re quick to show favoritism because our hearts are conditioned by our culture (James 2:2-4)
3. Favoritism runs counter to the culture of God’s kingdom (James 2:5-7)

God’s thinking on our differences:

a. God has made us in his image and our diversity reflects His glory (Genesis 1:26-27)

b. God’s character shows no favoritism (Romans 2:11, Ephesians 6:9, and Colossians 3:25)

c. The gospel breaks down ethnic barriers (Ephesians 2:14)

d. The nations–all ethnic groups–will be worshipping together around the throne at the end of history (Revelation 7:9-10)

4. We deceive ourselves if we think we’re both moral and show favoritism (James 2:8-11)
5. The answer to favoritism is to treat others as God has treated us in the gospel (James 2:12-13)