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January 18, 2015 Sermon Notes

Posted on Jan 18 at 09:12am

Grace Greater | Week 2

Grace Greater Than Religion

Matthew 12:1-14

1. Religious people take what is right and distort it with a heap of moralism.

​​Grace-filled people seek to follow the heart and simple meaning of God’s Word.

2. Religious people look to “catch those in the act” of not conforming to their beliefs and practices.

Grace-filled people seek to build up and meet the needs of others.

3. ​Religious people look to control because they are morally superior.

Grace-filled people look to confess their need of Jesus because they are spiritually needy | Matthew 15:1-9

4. Religious people are concerned with rituals about Jesus.

Grace-filled people find a living relationship with Jesus.

Verlon Baxley’s Story

​5. Religion confines church to a place, traditions, and its practices.

Grace looks at the church as a collection of people who by the power of the Holy Spirit make, mature and multiply disciples.

POUR into others so that the grace of God given to us is given to others.