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January 25, 2015 Sermon Notes

Posted on Jan 25 at 09:22am

Grace Greater | Week 3

Grace Greater Than Our Culture


1. We have the same sins, but they’re veiled behind religion.

2. Our religion is too familiar but our grace often is not.

John 1:14

1. Grace-filled people reach beyond themselves to enter the stories of those near them and not like them. (John 4:1-9).
2. Grace-filled people offer Jesus who quenches the inner thirst that is buried behind the exterior of sin and its consequences. (John 4:10-15)
3. Jesus confronts sin head-on, but for the purpose of transformation, not condemnation. (John 4:16-26)
4. Grace grips the giver first before it’s given away. (John 4:27-42)

Third Emphasis for 2015: Proclaim

1) Attend March 18 event where we continue to see ourselves as a untapped mission force.


2) Partner with the body of Christ – Example of Piedmont Women’s Center

3) Pray about the people you encounter daily.