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Jesus is Cornerstone | Standalone

Posted on May 24 at 10:41am

May 24, 2015 | Sermon Notes

Matthew 21:33-44

1. God’s Cornerstone is a Rejected Stone. (Matthew 21:42)

This One-Sure Cornerstone is Living & Secure; but today, it can also be Rejected.

Many times Jesus is seen by us as the “Add-On,” instead of the “Cornerstone.”

Just like the DNA in every human cell, the common DNA of every church must be to Lift Up Jesus.

2. God’s Cornerstone is available now for Saving. (Matthew 21:43)

The Cross is the ultimate symbol of rejection but also the only hope for every person’s Soul.

3. God’s Cornerstone is Unavoidable & Weighty in its Ramifications. (Matthew 21:44)

The rejection of the Savior this wonderful in not only silly but has serious ramifications.

We need not wait until Jesus is all we have to realize that Jesus is all need.