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July 27, 2014 Sermon Notes

Posted on Jul 27 at 09:18am

Life Guards | Uphold Life

Exodus 20:13 & Matthew 5:21-26

1. The root of upholding life: the image of God.

Genesis 9:6-7

God has put his stamp on every one of us the way a great artist signs his name to a work of art. Therefore, to damage a life is to deface one of God’s masterpieces. – Philip Ryken

2. The root of destroying others: our anger.

A. Anger on the inside is equated with murder on the outside.

Anger has to do with brooding, simmering anger that is nurtured and not allowed to die. It is seen in the holding of a grudge, in the smoldering bitterness that refuses to forgive; it cherishes resentment and does not warrant reconciliation. – John MacArthur, Commentary on Matthew

1 John 3:14-15

B. Anger on the inside produces destructive words.

C. Antidote to anger – reconciliation.

1) Brings genuine worship to light in the body of Christ.

True worship is not enhanced by better music, better prayers, better architecture, or even better preaching. True worship is enhanced by better relationships between those who come to worship. – John MacArthur

Conduct is more important than formal worship. – R. V. G. Tasker

2) Immediate — should take place right away lest it get covered and buried and begins to grow a life of its own.

3) Costly — risk reputation and rejection.

4) Aim: forgiveness and peace, new understanding, where there was division.

Colossians 3:12-15