Got Questions?

I’m new here. How do I check-in?

The Welcome Team at the preschool and elementary desks are glad to serve you. At one of these desks, you will fill out a guest form asking for basic contact information. We will give your child a name tag with their room number, emergency contact number and include any allergies. You will receive a security sticker which matches your child’s badge. This sticker must be shown to the volunteer upon pick-up of your child. After your first visit, feel free to check-in at one of our check-in kiosks using the last four digits of the phone number you provided on your visitor form.

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What if my child needs me during the service?

We will contact parents via text message with any information you need to know regarding your child during the service. Make sure you keep your cell phones on hand while on campus and that we have your most updated contact information. Send us your most updated contact information (if you are unsure, fill it out anyway).


What version of the Bible should my child use?

For your preschool child, we recommend the Jesus Storybook Bible (author: Sally Lloyd-Jones) because with children at this age not able to read, this is a great way to read the Bible to them on a level they can comprehend. For your elementary child, we recommend the NIRV version of the Bible. This is ideal for children as they start to read on their own, but also puts the Bible on a level they can understand as it is targeted to those on a 3rd grade reading level. As your child passes the 3rd grade reading level, we encourage you to get them an ESV Bible. This is the Bible used by our pastor and prepares your child for a middle school setting and beyond where this version (or versions similar) will be referenced.


My child is asking about baptism and/or salvation or we have family struggles, etc. Who can I talk to? 

We encourage all of our families to bring their child to meet with a minister to ensure that they have made a profession of faith in Christ and are ready to be baptized. We are always available to discuss any needs that your family has so do not hesitate to contact us at Taylors Children Office to set up an appointment.


What are the rules for your volunteers who work with my child?

All of our volunteers are background checked and must be an active member of Taylors FBC. We meet with all potential volunteers before they begin in the classroom.

My child has allergies. How do I alert my child’s volunteers?

Due to the vastness and dangers that food allergies can bring, we take allergies seriously. When you fill out a guest form, please list any allergies for your child. Their allergies will be noted on their security badge. We do not allow food in the classroom, unless it is purchased and given out by the Taylors Children Staff. All food served by our staff in preschool and elementary is peanut-free. The only snacks served in our preschool area are Nabisco graham crackers, Teddy Grahams and saltines. If your child has an allergy that does not allow them to eat these foods, please provide their own labeled snack.


What if there is an emergency and we are evacuated from the building? Where will my child go?

Our volunteers are trained to handle evacuations and have been informed of the proper protocol. Your child’s volunteer will escort your child to their appropriate safety area. Do NOT pick-up your child if there is a building evacuation.


What opportunities do you have for my child with special needs?

Although we do not have classes directed specifically to children with special needs, we will welcome any child that is brought to our care. We want every parent to have the opportunity to worship and/or attend a life group. When you check-in, please let us know what we can do to best serve your child.


Where can I find the songs my child keeps singing?

On our For Parents  page you will find songs your child sings in KidsWorship or Preschool Praise.


What age does my child have to be in order to go to the K3 class?

We follow the same schedule as the school system. If your child turned three before September 1 of the previous year, then your child would be old enough to begin in the K3 class. (For example: a child who turned 3 on or before 9/1/13 will be old enough to be in the current K3 class)


When does my child move to the elementary area?

We consider K5 a part of our preschool area. Your child will move to the elementary area when they enter first grade.

Still have questions we didn’t answer? Contact Taylors Children Office.