Special Needs & Disabilities

The Special Needs and Disability Ministry at Taylors Children exists to provide an environment where a child’s specific needs are considered. We edit our curriculum to make it adaptable for children with special needs. We not only want to serve the child, but also partner with their families as they join in the life of the church. Our goal is to minister to children who face unique challenges related to physical, mental, behavioral, medical or emotional needs. We strive to have a buddy available for every child with a special need or disability in our ministry.

If you have specific questions, please contact us by email, call 864-292-4056, or stop by the Preschool or Elementary Welcome Desk.


What does a buddy do?

A buddy at Taylors Children acts as a helper specifically for children with a special need or disability. The primary goal of a buddy is to help provide an environment that allows each child to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. When in a life group or large group setting, the buddy will help the child as needed and to the degree necessary.

Are you interested in being a buddy with Taylors Children? Email us!


Let us know about your child’s medical need!

Does your child have any special medication or an EpiPen? Are there any allergies of which we need to be aware? If so, please complete the short form below for our staff. Thank you.

Let Us Know of Your Child's Medical Need