September 25


Teams & Players

Teams consist of seven players, two of which are non-regular attendees of Taylors Students. Teams will play opponents of same gender and age bracket (high school guys vs. high school guys). No trading or adding of players once roster has been set.

You can register here for our Fifth Annual Dodgeball Tournament! Leaders are welcome to form teams this year!

Code of Conduct

Any player caught cheating, cursing, back-talking referee or other adult, or disrespecting opposing teams will result in disqualification.


For each bracket winner, the players will receive $10 gift cards and a percentage off their FUGE Camp price!

Prize also awarded to most creative team costume.


Game Rules

Players cannot cross center line, throw inside the dotted line, or go out of bounds. Game ends when all players of one team are out or time has been called. Each team will play best of three; single elimination in the final tournament. Opponent is “out” when a live ball is caught or opponent is hit below the shoulders. A live ball consists of a ball that has not made contact with the ground, another person, the wall, or out of bounds. Team members may only hold a ball for fifteen seconds and cannot possess more than two balls at a time. All referees’ decisions are final.