Women’s Bible Studies

P-15 : A Virtual Bible Study

In the periodic table, the symbol P with the atomic number 15 represents the element Phosphorus. Phosphorus can be defined as, “an essential mineral required by every cell in the body for normal function.” The same way that phosphorus is essential to the physical body, prayer is essential to the body of believers. This summer, we are inviting you to P-15, a virtual Bible study on the elements of prayer. Each week we will dive into scripture, learning how and what to pray.

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Discipleship Groups for Women

Are you interested in joining a Discipleship Group (D-Group) but don’t quite know where to start?  D-Groups are part of our “Pathway” to Discipleship at Taylors and are one step in our mission to Equip Believers.  D-Groups for women are designed to meet together weekly to intentionally study the Word, pray for one another, and build more intimate relationships as we sharpen one another in our walk with the Lord. Contact Beth Caskey for information.