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May 18, 2014 Sermon Notes

Posted on May 18 at 09:43am

Family Portrait | The Broken Portrait

Luke 15:11-32

Even though the photographer gets paid to get everyone to smile, everyone knows the smiling to often be a false sense of reality. There is no doubt about it; family is hard. While the family is intended to be a picture of our relationship to God, every since the fall families are broken and hurting, full of pain, regret, and torn by sin. The portrait is not beautiful – it is broken. We are all in need of help. The Father in heaven is the only redeemer of the family.

Where does the brokenness start? Why is the family so messy?

1. The Wicked, Sinful Heart (Luke 15:11-13)

Luke 15:12 is a picture of the root of all sin – pride, selfishness, and entitlement – “Father, give me the share of property that is coming to me.” Selfishness and impatience have already corroded his heart.

The father graciously not only met his request, but let him go his own way.

Luke 15:13 is a picture of all of us. We often want to point the fingers here and think it is only referring to some wild college student. No, this is the rebellion of all!

2. Utter Desperation (Luke 15:14-20)

Luke 15:14 – He Lost Everything

Luke 15:15-16 – After going to look for a job and being placed on a pig farm, he became so hungry that he was willing to eat their pig food

3. The Turning Point

Luke 15:17 – He saw his true state

Luke 15:18 – He saw his sin

Luke 15:19 – He was humble

Luke 15:20 – He returned

4. Unbelievable response of the Father! (Luke 15:20-24)

Luke 15:20 – While returning home, the Father saw him with compassion and ran towards him

Luke 15:21 – Confession

The father interestingly does not question the son or bring up the sin

The father not only celebrates him, but honors him

What are they rejoicing in? His salvation!

5. The Sin of the Brother (Luke 15:25-30)

The older brother is actually just as guilty as the younger brother who took his early inheritance and left

The older brother is prideful, selfish, entitled, jealous, and envious. He becomes so angry that he refuses to go in and celebrate

The father again graciously responds to the sin of his son. He father left the party and “entreated him”

6. Redeemer God (Luke 15:31-32)

After the big brother dumps his complaint, the father again graciously reminds the son of his love and provision

The father tells his son why the celebration has occurred

The dead is now alive; the lost has now been found