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Palm Sunday | Standalone

Posted on Mar 29 at 09:43am

 March 29, 2015 – Sermon Notes

1. Obedience by those who have been called (Luke 19:28-34).

A. Why this story?

i. Shows that Jesus is always aligned with the Father’s plan. He models obedience.

Zechariah 9:9

Symbol of humility not a show of power.

ii. Shows that we can trust him when he calls us to do something.

Life of the follower of Jesus is a string of opportunities to trust God by listening to the Holy Spirit for direction and drawing on God’s grace for strength.

B) What are Jesus’ commands like?

i. Command is specific.

Prayer Stories from 40 Days: pastor@taylorsfbc.org

ii. Command has been prepared for in advance

iii. Command allows us to be used for the glory of Jesus to be seen by others.

2. Worship by those who have been humbled for a long time (Luke 19:35-38).
3. Attention by those who are short-sighted (Luke 19:35-38).

What are the expectations of this crowd. When we go to God we go to God because we need something. Virtually everyone heads out towards God because they need something. We go to God and say “you need to give me exactly what I need from you.” What did these people thing they needed from God? To bring judgment down on the people they thought were ruining the world (the Romans).  What they really needed was someone to come down to bear the judgment for them because they were ruining the world because everybody in the human race was part of that. What they really needed was pardon and reconciliation so that God can come back to earth to end evil without ending you and me. – Tim Keller

Sometimes we shape Jesus into what we want him to be not who he really is.

4. Rejection by those who feel they don’t need a Saviour.