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Parables | Week 5 | The Righteous Son

Posted on Oct 11 at 09:09am

October 11, 2015 | Sermon Notes

Luke 15:1-2; Luke 15:25-32

1. Older brothers work faithfully but are not close to the Father relationally.
2. Older brothers are angry when others who don’t resemble them are found.
3. Older brothers grumble when what they’re entitled to is threatened.
4. Older brothers compare others with their own religious standards.
5. The Father pursues elder brothers just as he does younger brothers.
6. The Father’s mission is steadfast: find the lost.
7. The Father’s mission includes finding elder brothers who are lost and then using them to find and serve others.

Final question: will we be the church of the elder brother or the church of the loving father?

Luke 18:14