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Help us serve and support our elderly neighbors, and fight against hunger in the Greater Greer area.

Our Mission

According to the US Census in 2012, 227,642 South Carolina senior adults are living alone and 182,244 are threatened by hunger. Over 26,000 people live in the Greer area and 10.9 percent of that population is 65 or over while 21.86 percent of our families are below poverty levels. With age comes issues such as illness, dependency and limited mobility. This can lead to depression, changes in appetite and a decline in well-being. Many times individuals and their families must decide between buying food or paying for other necessities, such as housing, utilities or medical care. For these reasons, Greer Community Ministries was created to ensure that needy citizens will be taken care of to the best of our ability.

Learn more by visiting Greer Community Ministries online at gcminc.org.

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Love Taylors

Love Taylors is what we do at Taylors FBC for our community – we serve our neighbors, build on-going relationships, and share the love of Jesus.