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Employment Coaching provides support and tools to job seekers while encouraging them to grow as disciples of Christ.



The mission of the Employment Coaching Ministry is to support and provide tools to professionals and job seekers in transition while encouraging them to grow as disciples of Christ.


  • To coach by listening to understand needs, helping participants determine their goals and praying with them for God’s wisdom.
  • To educate and coach participants in technical aspects of job search or career transition – including assessment, resume preparation, online resources, interviewing, offer/wage negotiation, etc.
  • To encourage and promote networking opportunities, including the effective use of LinkedIn.
  • To refer those with limited education or those needing to upgrade their skills to local career development partners.
  • To refer those who desire to explore becoming their own boss or an independent contractor to specialists who can assist them.


Employment Coaching is a HopeNet ministry of Taylors First Baptist Church and is open to both members and non-members in the Upstate who are in a job or career transition.


Our coaches come from a variety of business and professional backgrounds. All have been through job loss or career transition and are available to assist you. We do not endorse any one method, organization, agency, or recruiting firm. All coaches are volunteers and give their services without desire for professional gain or compensation.


To apply for enrollment in the Employment Coaching Ministry, please email one of the contacts listed below and provide a phone number and the best times to reach you. After discussing your situation we will determine how to best help you. We aim to assign coaches based on best match and coach availability. Typically you will have the same coach for 2-3 meetings arranged at a mutually convenient time and location.

Requirements of all coaching participants include:

  • Own your job search and apply what you learn
  • Support fellow seekers
  • Respect the confidentiality of fellow job seekers and what you may hear. Some are still working for other employers so ask before sharing.
  • Be professional and courteous when making referrals. We strongly encourage networking but please do so based on an understanding of each person’s goals and others who may be able to help them.
  • Come back and tell us when you get work. Others need the encouragement of your success.


Our coaches are willing to help you develop your personal career plan – but you need to own and manage it. We can help you by:

  • Providing assessments to discover your strengths and skills
  • Helping you clarify and articulate your goal
  • Discussing alternatives before making a career change decision
  • Helping you create and articulate a 30-second commercial
  • Helping you edit or fine tuning your resume
  • Helping you establish discipline and an approach for networking
  • Encouraging you and your family members during transition
  • Helping you prepare for the interview

Optional assistance includes:

  • Practice interviewing with feedback
  • Tips for managing finances during job transition
  • Referring you to a family counselor or career coach
  • Referring you to resources for starting your own business


Please send your name, contact information, and resume (if available) to one of our coaches listed below:

Kathy Dority
Minister of Connections

Paul Barber

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