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Designed for First Responders and Families

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Facilitated by Lori Hornsby and Bryan Leppard

Reboot focuses on helping first responders and their families heal from the spiritual and moral wounds from service-related trauma. We accomplish that by organizing trauma healing courses in local communities that provide a unique blend of clinical insight and faith-based support. Participants learn skills that aid in their healing as well as help build community. These courses are free to participants and are safe, private, and peer-led; provide childcare and meals, all with the purpose of removing barriers to families seeking help. We encourage the participation of spouses and affected [adult] family members, as we recognize that trauma impacts the entire family.  At Reboot locations across the country, first responders are healing, divorce rates are dropping, and medication abuse is decreasing.

Critical incident trauma directly impacts not only the mind and body, but also the soul. It can manifest itself through issues like anger, anxiety, depression, social withdrawal, and most tragically, suicide. At Reboot we believe these symptoms are often linked to deep-rooted “soul wounds” related to unresolved grief, distrust of God/self/others, unforgiveneness, bitterness, and loss of identity. These soul wounds are caused by moral and spiritual injuries, and finding healing from them is a vital part of the overall trauma recovery process.

From Reboot Leadership Academy Manual, 2017. REBOOT Alliance Publishing

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