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Our Grief Support Ministry provides encouragement and support for those who have lost spouses, children, or loved ones. Contact us to find out how you can get involved and encourage those going through a time a grieving.

Grief support for spouses

Grief Support for Spouses provides encouragement and support through an eight-week session offered in the spring and fall of each year. This course gives insight and tools for coping with loneliness, depression, and anger while guiding participants to a place of hope. Caring group leaders facilitate discussion and guide the healing process based on their own journey through grief.

To be notified when our next session begins or to get in contact with our ministry contact us at lovetaylors@taylorsfbc.org.

A Grief Support Story

“Having just completed the Grief Support Ministry at Taylors, I look back fondly at the impact this group has made not only in my journey through the grief process, but also in my life and my relationship with God.  Arriving at week one, lost and confused, wounded and alone, I was immediately surrounded with the love and open arms of a skilled, compassionate team of group leaders, in addition to the 16 new friends that were as lost as I was.

Over the eight week period, we cried together, shared each other’s sense of loss, and gradually began to accept the grand design of life and the love that envelopes each of us through Christ.  Guided by the application of God’s Word and specific topics related to the grief journey, each week I felt not only a calm sense of healing, but more importantly, a profound sense of purpose for my loss and for my life.

As I sat back at our “graduation” dinner and observed my friends laughing, sharing stories of love and compassion, and planning our next adventures as a group, I was truly humbled by how far each of us had come in our short time together.  I have absolute faith that my grief will be ministered by the loving hand of God and the continued support of the Taylors FBC team. However, the greatest gift I received from our time together has been the development of a sense of personal ministry that will empower me to reach out to those who suffer, as I have suffered, and lend the gentle hand of comfort that was extended to me during my most critical time of need.”

Love Taylors

Love Taylors is what we do at Taylors FBC for our community – we serve our neighbors, build on-going relationships, and share the love of Jesus.