Voices of Taylors | John and Jane Lippard

Posted on Aug 20 at 06:56pm

“This is my commandment, That you love one another, as I have loved you.” – John 15:12

We did not have a church home and were not attending church because our son Tipton is an “Angel”.  All we knew at the time was that Tip was severely handicapped both mentally and physically.  We now know that he has a condition named “Angelman Syndrome”.

Our only connection to Taylors First Baptist was that our daughter Amy was attending Kindergarten.  When Mrs. Jo Bruce learned of our situation, she and Dr. Carswell came and asked, “if  we start a ‘Special Education Sunday School Class’, will you bring Tip?”.  We said “yes”.  We could now be part of a couples Sunday School class, Amy could attended her Sunday School class and we could all three worship together.

Tip was the only member of the “Special Ed Sunday School Class” for many years before it began to grow.  It was open to anyone from other churches and denominations.  They could drop off their son or daughter and go to worship at their own church.  The class roll grew and has included more than 28 individual class members and over 65 leaders and helpers. The class continued until 2006.

Taylors FBC now has the beginnings of a “Special Needs Ministry” where 15 members of Taylors and Mercy Team members are mailing cards (Christmas, birthday, etc) and praying for 8 individuals with “special needs” that we know about.  We especially pray for the parents and caregivers.

Our family has been so blessed to be a part of Taylors First Baptist Church.  We are thankful for God’s love and the many ways His love has been shown to us.

Voices of Taylors | Dale Northridge

Posted on Jun 09 at 01:44pm

Dale Northridge
On Mother’s and Father’s Day some of us can’t pretend we are ordinary or that life is normal because our child is not here with us.

As we consider these days, our hearts are heavy. They are terrible days for those of us who have lost a child. Other days of the year you can maybe make it a few hours without thinking about your loss; other days of the year you can pretend that you are an ordinary person and that life is normal. But not on Mother’s and Father’s Day.

The real challenge after losing a child is moving forward. It’s almost impossible to envision in that moment of loss, how life can continue after something so horrible. But life does continue, whether we like it or not. There are chores to do and bills to pay. Morning comes again and again. So you pick yourself up and you live, but you are never the same.

We who have lost children understand life’s fragility and beauty. We who have lost children understand that so many things just aren’t important.

At first, we are different because of our raw sadness. But over time the sadness moves from our skin into our bones. It becomes less visible, but no less a part of us. It changes into a wisdom, one we’d give up in a heartbeat to have our child back. We who have lost children understand life’s fragility and beauty. We who have lost children understand that so many things just aren’t important. All that is important are those we love.

It can feel very lonely, being the parent of a child who died. We feel different from those around us, all those happy people with children the same age our child was, or would have been. But over the years, I’ve come to understand that I’m not alone at all.

There is a wonderful story about a woman whose son gets sick and dies. She goes to an earthly idol to ask him to bring her son back to life; “I will,” he says, “if you bring me some mustard seed from the home of a family that has not known loss.” She goes from house to house but can find no family that has not lost someone dear to them. She buries her son and goes back and says: “I understand now.”

That is what I understand now. It doesn’t make me miss my child any less, or Mother’s and Father’s Day any easier. But it helps me make sense of it; loss is part of life. There are no guarantees, ever. Our children, and all those we love, are gifts to us for however long we have them.

I understand now, too, that we are together in this… all of us, in joy and in loss. It’s the connections we make with each other that matter.  It’s the connections we make that give life value and help us face each morning. As G.K. Chesterton wrote, “We are all in the same boat in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.”

Years ago, I chose words to say each time I remember my daughter.  And over the years, the words have come to mean more to me. They aren’t just about grief now. They are about who I am, what I have learned, and what I can give.  “I will always love you,” I say. “And I will always be your mother.”

God promises that the days when we are at the end of our rope are also the days when His sustaining grace and strength will be most visible and apparent.  He doesn’t promise to remove the pain, but He promises that in the midst of it, His grace will sustain us.

God bless you!

Voices of Taylors | Derek and Nicole Brannon

Posted on May 29 at 01:15pm

Derek and Nicole Brannon talk about Fostering and their community of support at Taylors FBC.

Grief Support: Finding Purpose Through Our Pain

Posted on Mar 20 at 03:21pm

Saturday, April 5 | 9:00 AM-1:00 PM | Powdersville Community Church

An Interdenominational Event for Widows

To register contact Melanie Riddle at 864.338.1394

Heather Windsor’s Story

Posted on Mar 17 at 09:29am

Check out Heather’s story about her journey with with Mental Illness in her family.

February 5 Taylors TownSquare

Posted on Feb 04 at 02:45pm

February 5, 12 pm-1 pm | Taylors Ministry Center (Old Taylors Post Office)

The February 5 TownSquare meeting is this Wednesday! A couple new Taylors Mill Properties tenants, Jason Ezell of Gypsy Kitchen and Joe Everson of Joe’s Studio, will be sharing about their businesses, and as always, there will be a good time of getting to know one another. We also have some updated information from the Greenville County Planning Commission, we hope to see you there!

Healing Challenge

Posted on Oct 09 at 11:18am

Let the Journey Begin, November 8-10  | Promoted by HopeNet

After great loss there is a path to healing. Camp Greenville’s incredible mountaintop setting is the perfect place for a family suffering from the loss of a loved one to take steps toward healing. The caring camp staff, in partnership with professional counselors, create an atmosphere that makes it easy for families to take the Healing Challenge. The weekend is the right mixture of therapeutic and recreational activities. Families can expect to leave with new friendships and a refreshed spirit. $230/family of three. Scholarships available for those who qualify. 

Click here or contact Kimberley Dobbins at the YMCA to register.
Questions: 864-836-2391 x 108.

Poverty Simulation

Posted on Aug 20 at 07:50am


September 13 | 6:30-8:30 pm | Register | Promoted by R3 Ministries
Join us for an evening that will open your eyes to the human cost of poverty. The power of this unique learning experience is that it creates, like nothing else, insight into the state of chronic crisis that consumes so many working poor families. Participants experience one month of poverty comprised of four fifteen minutes “weeks.” Cost: $15/participant

Taylors TownSquare: August 7

Posted on Jul 25 at 12:52pm

Wednesday, August 4 | 12 pm | Taylors Ministry Center on West Main Street, Taylors | Promoted by R3 Ministries

Join us on August 7 as we hear from the Chick Springs Historical Society about the heritage of the Chick Springs area and their past and current efforts to preserve the area. 

 Martin Livingston, Executive Director of the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority will also discuss the work of their organization in housing efforts in Greenville County, as well as how the Taylors Community can benefit.

Be sure to invite your neighbors and friends and RSVP to Kaitlyn Ross for lunch for $7! We look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!

Monthly TownSquare meetings provide an open forum for people connected to the Taylors and Chick Springs communities to build relationships and work together for the good of our community. Much like in a physical town square, the Taylors TownSquare meetings seek to provide the space for conversations to happen while providing relevant information to benefit the community as a whole. Come join the conversation as we seek to know our neighbors. Visit taylorstownsquare.com for more information.

Contact Kaitlyn Ross: kaitlynr@taylorstownsquare.com