August 31, 2014 Sermon Notes

Posted on Aug 31 at 09:47am

Leading Up to the 150th Anniversary | Unity

Philippians 1:27 and Philippians 2:1-5

1. Purpose of Unity (Philippians 1:27)

Together, to see the gospel sent out to the world while the gospel is worked out in us.

2. Practice of Unity (Philippians 2:1-4)

Why did Paul focus on the mind (“like-minded”) during times of conflict and trouble? Because the mind has analytic abilities. It creates reasons and justifies actions. It harbors suspicions and catalogs offenses against us. It advocates fighting for our rights. A bad attitude fosters resentment. – Life Application Bible Commentary

If selfish thinking is not checked, it leads to pursuing personal agendas and attention at the expense of the body.

Let grace bring about a humility that is others-focused.

3. Personification or the Model of Unity (Philippians 2:5-11)

The present position of Christ in the gospel churches may be likened to that of a king in a limited constitutional monarchy. The king is in such a country no more than a traditional rallying point, a pleasant symbol of unity and loyalty much like a flag or a national anthem. He is lauded, feted, and supported, but his real authority is small. Nominally he is head over all, but in every crisis someone else makes the decisions. On formal occasions he appears in his royal attire to deliver the tame, colorless speech put into his mouth by the real rulers of the country. The whole thing may be no more than good-natured make-believe, but it is rooted in antiquity, it is a lot of fun, and no one wants to give it up. – A.W. Tozer

August 24, 2014 Sermon Notes

Posted on Aug 24 at 09:49am

Leading Up to the 150th Anniversary | Grace

Luke 4:16-22

1. The Announcement of Grace (Luke 4:16-21).

What does it mean to be in need of grace?

A. Poor

B. Captive

C. Blind

D. Oppressed

E. Indebted and Displaced

Grace: God’s overwhelming goodness to those who desperately need it but don’t deserve it.

Jesus’ proclamation becomes the church’s mission.

2. The Rejection of Grace (Luke 4:22-30).

Men and women reject grace because of unbelief (Luke 4:22-24).

Men and women disregard grace because we don’t see ourselves as we really are – still sinful, still helpless, still needy (Luke 4:25-30).


A. What we do and who we are.

B. What we hide.

The mark of a mature life is not sinlessness, which is reserved for heaven, but a growing awareness of sinfulness. –  John MacArthur

C. What we pursue.