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Taylors Children | They are Never Too Young to Love

Posted on Feb 19 at 08:57am

Why did you choose to work with such a young age when some would say they are too young to learn?

Lin: “Perhaps, but never too young to love on them! To be able to provide a safe place of care for our precious little ones so their parents can worship and fellowship with that confidence is important.”

How did this impact you?

Lin: “It  has always my joy to have the opportunity of investing spiritual truths into the lives of precious young children and then experience the privilege of  watching them mature with those truths.”

What stories do you have of how the study of missionaries/missions has impacted preschoolers?

Lin: “For me to watch how God has worked in the lives of children who were born here at Taylors FBC, were taught here at Taylors FBC, and sent out from Taylors FBC to serve in missions, children that I have had the privilege to work with from preschool through college (Les Neely, my son, Lee Cunningham, J and K, Travis Kerns, and Ricky Stark) is certainly testimony of how the study of missionaries/missions has impacted the hearts of our children both then and now; we are planting seeds in their hearts that our Lord will use to His service in the future.”

-Lin Cunningham, past M&M Leader