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Taylors Children | Growing while Serving

Posted on Jan 22 at 08:36am

When you lead/teach a group you should have to put in a whole lot of time in preparation, therefore you learn so much more about the Bible and the world today.  This is true with adults, teens, and elementary classes.  There are sometimes opposing views to certain topics, especially in the secular world.  This causes me to research more for personal understanding.

It’s hard to match when a child or a teen accepts Jesus in their heart – it’s a wonderful experience.  Children ages 8-12 are very easily influenced by their peers.  As a teacher/leader, we have the opportunity to listen to their questions and their experiences and lead them to be followers of Christ.  It’s much harder to become a believer the older you get.

I enjoy fellowship time with my peers, but can find myself being lazy and passive when I ‘m not teaching.  I believe that adults, especially  those who are strong, learned Christians, have much to share – especially with the young people.

We should understand that we are all ministers.  It’s good to exchange ideas with other adults, but for me it’s better to use my gifts, one of which is teaching, to reach out to others with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  And sometimes children and youth just need someone to love them and listen to them.

-Bill and Sharon Williams