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Teach Us To Pray | Week 1

Posted on Feb 15 at 09:17am


February 15, 2015 – Sermon Notes

Introduction | Purpose of 40 Days of Prayer

1) To be discipled by Jesus.

2) To be dependent upon the Father.

3) To declare the gospel to others.

Luke 11:1-2

 1. Prayer begins with an honest and humble heart (Luke 11:1)

In Luke, Jesus is often shown either physically praying – major events, crisis, transition, decision-making – or teaching on prayer.

 2. Prayer is designed to deepen our relationship with our caring Father and sovereign God. (Luke 11:2)

Jesus signals in the opening address that prayer is a relationship not a religious duty.

As a title for God, “Father” is found only 15 times in the entire Old Testament. In the four gospels of the New Testament, it’s found 165 times.

Prayer is not a tool to use God, it’s to know Him. Religious prayers are a means of coercing God to pay attention to you. Gospel prayers recognize that we have already been accepted by the Father. – JD Greear, The Summit Church

3. Prayer’s aim is for all people to see God fully and clearly.

Jesus teaches in the first request (Make your name holy) that the worship of God aligns our hearts to pray properly. Once we’re aimed properly, we’ll pray properly.

a) Set apart – this is what it means to hallow, or revere, or worship the Father’s name.

b) Sovereign – Psalm 24:1, Psalm 24:7-10

Luke 5:1-11 – Simon Peter recognizes power and person of Jesus and confesses that he is unclean. It’s just not that he catches fish and his business spiked for the day, it’s he encountered Jesus fully and clearly.

c) Saving – He desires to see His name spread so that all people may worship Him, know Him, love Him and give glory to Him

Application: One. One. One.