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Teach Us To Pray | Week 5 | Temptation

Posted on Mar 15 at 09:22am

March 15, 2015 – Sermon Notes

Pattern of Prayer

His care, power, and name – Week 1

His kingdom and will – Week 2

Our daily provisions – Week 3

Our sins – Week 4

Our Temptations | Week 5 | This Week

Matthew 6:13

Temptation: we contend with our enemy and environment and even ourselves when it comes to seeing God’s purposes accomplished – Ken Hemphill, The Prayer of Jesus

Matthew 4:1-2 | Original word for tempted can also be used for tested in the New Testament.

It can be used to identify the tests that God gives to strengthen.

James 1:2 | It can be used to identify the temptation to sin. God never tempts someone to sin.

James 1:13-15 | So, in Jesus’ temptation, we see both simultaneously.

1. Jesus identifies with you in your struggle against sin.

So, through the person of Jesus, we find someone who has walked in your shoes when it comes to the temptations we face daily.

Hebrews 4:15

Application: Look to Christ in your struggle against sin.

Hebrews 12:1-4.

Saying no isn’t the only part. The answer to temptation is spiritual passion, not just negation and discipline. Your need is to fall in love with Jesus, bring him out of the realm of conceptual into the realm of the passion of your heart. – Tim Keller, Sermon from May 24, 2012

2. The types of temptations we struggle against.

Here’s what the devil was after: to sabotage the will of the Father in the life of Jesus.

A. Self-gratification: satisfying our needs our way instead of God’s way | Matthew 4:3-4

Cause: natural desires aren’t being met.

B. Impatience: pushing ourselves in front of God’s timing and plan | Matthew 4:5-7

Cause: fear, desperation, pride.

C. Shortcuts: avoiding the way of selflessness | Matthew 4:7-10

Cause: value my expectations, comfort, and privilege more than God’s design.

The Israelites tested God because they felt God was failing to meet their needs and to fulfill His promise. The Israelites put God to the test when they realized that God’s purposes and leading brought them into adversity, rather than ease and comfort. The Israelites put God to the test by resisting God’s leadership. The Israelites put God to the test by insisting that God perform according to their expectations and demands. – The Temptation of Jesus, Part III, Bob Deffinbaugh, Bible.org

3. The community that helps us struggle against sin

Application: Engage with the body of Christ in your struggle against sin.