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The Family Series | Week 3 | The Family and our Purpose

Posted on Apr 26 at 09:02am

April 26, 2015 | Sermon Notes

What happens in your house is more important than what happens in church. – Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof

Definition of Disciple: follower, learner, reproducer.

The Struggle to make disciples at home: Why do we struggle?

1. Regrets | I’ve failed in the past.
2. Distracted | Other things seem to crowd out God
3. Inconsistent | I stop and start and then I quit.
4. Excuses | That is what the church and ministers are for.

“One of the primary roles that God gave to Christian parents is to create adults who reflect His heart. A family is, without a doubt, the most effective and efficient vehicle to produce the kind of people who can move confidently into the adult world and have a redemptive impact on their culture – that’s what we’re supposed to be doing.” – Tim Kimmel

The reason many of this generation are walking away from Christ is they’re having a hard to reconciling what is preached at church and what is lived in the home.

God’s story must be rooted in our hearts

1. What is God’s story?

The character of God, what He’s done, and what He desires to do through His people in the world.

2. God has not abounded his story | Exodus 34:6
3. We are the keepers of God’s story | Deuteronomy 4:9
4. How do we keep our souls?

Confession, Connection, Community

Next Steps

1. Have one conversation this week about the story of God through you to the generation behind you.
2. Next week, we will talk about how you transfer this story from your lives  into your homes