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The Family Series | Week 4 | The Family and our Purpose, Part II

Posted on May 03 at 08:06am

May 3, 2015 | Sermon Notes

Somehow faith ends up feeling like a compartment we step into for a moment rather than a conversation that’s woven into the fabric of life. That’s the difference between a God who is at the center of the family and one who is put up on the shelf and only taken out for special occasions.” – Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

Deuteronomy 6:4-9

1. The plan is to transfer God’s story from our hearts to our homes and then throughout the culture.

A. The Scriptures contain God’s story: the character of God, what He’s done, and what He desires to do through His people in the world.
B. The Story of God must be alive and changing us if it is to be transferred in our homes.

“The role of the parent is to connect to the heart of his or her child in such a way he or she prepares that child to more easily connect to the heart of God.” – Connecting Church and Home

If you were giving your child a spiritual-heart transplant, what kind of heart spiritually would they be receiving?

2. The process calls for persistent training in God’s story.

A. We establish a pattern where God is at the center of everyday life in our homes.
B. The difference between teaching about something and training is transformation.

Religious disciplines can be transferred academically or by memory and without a heart connection to the child they will have little impact on the finished spiritual product. – Connecting Church and Home

C. The training process.

1) Reading the Scriptures.

2) Conversations around the Scriptures.

– Meal Time – Formal Discussion, Teacher, Establish Values.

– Drive Time – Informal Dialogue, Friend, Interpret Life.

– Bed Time – Intimate Conversation, Counselor, Build Intimacy.

– Morning Time – Encouraging Words, Coach, Instill Purpose.

 via Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

Every moment is a teachable moment.

3) Interactions with the Scriptures.

Every situation you face is a chance for you to model out the living of the Word of God.

3. The product is a generation that knows how to train and transfer the story.

4. Next steps

Start somewhere. Take a step forward.