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Vision & Values | Week 4 | Reaching the Unreached | Taylors FBC Sermon

Posted on Apr 24 at 09:02am

April 24, 2016 | Sermon Notes

Our Mission: Taylors FBC exists to make disciples as we encounter God, equip believers, and engage the world.

The average evangelical church in North America exists for itself. Churches are preoccupied with themselves. – Bill Hull

Bridges give life through two-way movement! Without its own bridges to the world, church life–in time–fades into isolation, self-congratulation, and finally, irrelevance. – Robert Lewis

Acts 1:4-11

1. The perspective changes from our self-centeredness to God’s heart and strategy.
2. The power comes from the Holy Spirit to transform us and point to the work of Jesus.
3. The plan calls for using everyday disciples of Jesus to fulfill a global, eternal vision.

Life on Mission – Dustin Willis and Aaron Coe, Moody Publishers

A. Identify –look to your left and to your right B. Invest – pray and act.

C. Invite – ask them into a new relationship or environment.

D. Increase – step out or send out.