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Voices of Taylors | John and Jane Lippard

Posted on Aug 20 at 06:56pm

“This is my commandment, That you love one another, as I have loved you.” – John 15:12

We did not have a church home and were not attending church because our son Tipton is an “Angel”.  All we knew at the time was that Tip was severely handicapped both mentally and physically.  We now know that he has a condition named “Angelman Syndrome”.

Our only connection to Taylors First Baptist was that our daughter Amy was attending Kindergarten.  When Mrs. Jo Bruce learned of our situation, she and Dr. Carswell came and asked, “if  we start a ‘Special Education Sunday School Class’, will you bring Tip?”.  We said “yes”.  We could now be part of a couples Sunday School class, Amy could attended her Sunday School class and we could all three worship together.

Tip was the only member of the “Special Ed Sunday School Class” for many years before it began to grow.  It was open to anyone from other churches and denominations.  They could drop off their son or daughter and go to worship at their own church.  The class roll grew and has included more than 28 individual class members and over 65 leaders and helpers. The class continued until 2006.

Taylors FBC now has the beginnings of a “Special Needs Ministry” where 15 members of Taylors and Mercy Team members are mailing cards (Christmas, birthday, etc) and praying for 8 individuals with “special needs” that we know about.  We especially pray for the parents and caregivers.

Our family has been so blessed to be a part of Taylors First Baptist Church.  We are thankful for God’s love and the many ways His love has been shown to us.