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Employment Coaching

Employment Coaching 2

To get involved, please contact us!

Employment Coaching is a Love Taylors ministry of Taylors First Baptist Church and is open to both members and non-members across the greater Greenville/Greer/Simpsonville area who are in a job or career transition.


Our mission as the Employment Coaching Ministry is to assist and equip job seekers in transition while encouraging them to grow as disciples of Christ.

Our goals are:
1 – To coach by listening to understand needs, helping participants determine their goals and praying with them for God’s wisdom.
2 – To educate and coach participants in technical aspects of job search or career transition – including assessment, resume preparation, online resources, interviewing, offer/wage negotiation, etc.
3 – To encourage and promote networking opportunities, including the effective use of LinkedIn.
4 – To refer those with limited education or those needing to upgrade their skills to local career development partners.
5 – To refer those who desire to explore becoming their own boss or an independent contractor to specialists who can assist them.


For additional details please visit us at Employment Coaching Ministry.


To register for the Employment Coaching Ministry, please complete Employment Coaching Ministry Registration.


We aim to assign coaches based on best match and coach availability. Typically you will have the same coach for 2-3 meetings arranged at a mutually convenient time and location.

Five requirements that we ask of all participants are:
1.     Own your job search and apply what you learn.
2.     Join our ECM LinkedIn group
3.     Support fellow seekers
4.     Make referrals based on an understanding of each person’s goals and others who may be able to help them
5.     Tell your coach when you get work and share your good news on LinkedIn.   Others need the encouragement of your success.


Need more information? Please email either of these leaders.
Paul Barber paul-barber@att.net
Kathy Dority lovetaylors@taylorsfbc.org