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South Asia: Equipping Youth Leaders

Published Date: May 20, 2024

Our time spent in South Asia was truly a sweet time given from the Lord. From the moment we arrived we were warmly welcomed by partners and natives that labor for the Kingdom there. We spent our days at a retreat center, located in the middle of a tea estate. When we arrived, many young men and women from house churches across the island were already there preparing for the week ahead. Our goal for the trip was to equip the youth leaders, young men and women ranging in age from 15-30, to plan and conduct a youth camp, then prepare to welcome over 120 youth from the area to the retreat center to have an actual camp. This gathering of young people was a historic event and the first of its kind in South Asia. The gathering of the youth was a direct result of faithfully discipling people over the last 10 years that has led to some faithful men being sent out to establish churches in other areas of South Asia. These 120 young people are the fruit of the ministry of those faithful men, now pastors, that were sent out to establish other churches in the name of Jesus and His Gospel. The camp’s theme was Abide, based out of John 15. Our hope was to emphasize the importance of abiding in Christ, always, and the need to be in the True Vine. Abiding in Christ is a theme that transcends time, culture, and preferences. We spent sessions looking at what it means to Abide in Prayer, in the Word, and in Fellowship. 

What I learned from watching the South Asians respond to these messages is that they are hungry for a movement of God. They are hungry for closeness with the Father and to be in His ways. I learned that these young adults, in many ways, are not much different than young adults here, living in a broken world looking for a glimmer of hope that offers a way out. I praise the Lord for how He is revealing Himself to this people group and how He is raising up a generation that is committed to serving Him with joy making His name known. In boldness, these young people shared stories of the lives, religions, family members, and brokenness they left behind to pursue the Lord. They shared of the Lord’s hand in their lives and their assurance that He is still at work in South Asia. The Lord is working in South Asia, delivering people, and raising up a generation that will proclaim His goodness to the next! 

All praise be to God! And may our prayer be for these young people, that they would continue to grow in fervor for the Lord and delight in His ways.

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