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Spanish Language Church Planter Assessment

Published Date: May 15, 2023

It was great to spend time with our North American Mission Board (NAMB) SEND Los Angeles missionaries. I had the unique opportunity to see church planters serving others and spreading the gospel in the heart of one of the largest and most diverse cities in the United States. Los Angeles is a city of great contrasts, where people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds come together. The church planters’ work is challenging ministry, stepping out to engage with people from different backgrounds and perspectives. The church plants are working with homeless populations, ministering to families in low-income neighborhoods, or partnering with local churches and ministries to bring hope and healing to those in need.

I was able to attend the Spanish Language Church Planter Assessment. The planters and their wives were preparing to plant new Spanish Language Churches across greater LA and throughout California. These families were evaluated to strengthen the success of the new church starts. The NAMB SEND team provided training, support, and resources to help these planters make a lasting impact on the lives of the communities they serve. The planters expressed their desire to serve and share the love of Christ, disciple others growing in faith, and see life transformation to impact Los Angeles, changing the world for Jesus. 

— Chris DeWease, Executive Pastor

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