• Taylors Children's Choirs

    December 2 | 6 pm

    This rip-roarin’, down home story begins as a children’s choir has mistakenly chosen a sheep ranch instead of a horse ranch for their Christmas celebration. During their visit, Miss Julie, the owner, shares the message of our Savior’s birth with the children. Through the telling of the story, Bailey Catherine, one lost and lonely child, finds the best
    Christmas gift ever … Jesus.

    Childcare Available for Children Up to Age Five

  • Christmas Worship Experience

    December 16 | 10 am

    Jesus is our Savior
    He came in humility to rescue fallen man and to provide a way for us to be redeemed from our sinful condition;

    He is our King
    He rules and reigns over the hearts of His people, and one day every nation, tribe, and tongue will bow before Him as King of kings.

    Presented by
    Worship Choir and Orchestra
    Regeneration Student Choir
    Taylors Children’s Choir

  • A Family Worship Experience

    December 16 | 6 pm

    Childcare Available for Children Up to Age Five


  • December 24 | 4 pm

    Join in this special time of worship as we celebrate the coming of our Savior through songs, scripture, and observance of the Lord’s Supper. We also welcome back to Taylors classical guitarist, Rodrigo Rodriguez.

    Childcare Available for Children Up to Age Five