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Engaging the Lost… Where do I start?

Published Date: April 18, 2023

This gospel sharing tool and visual is called an OIKOS map. OIKOS is a Greek word that means household, representing someone’s immediate sphere of influence. This visual serves as a prayer map and evangelism strategy for you as you seek to reach those close to you but far from God. It begins with the inner circle which represents you. You are surrounded by people where you live, work, and play that you have the potential to reach with the gospel. Imagine how rapidly the gospel could spread as those whom we influence begin to share with the people close to them but far from God. The idea behind an OIKOS map comes from John 17:20 where Jesus prays for the people that His disciples will reach. 

Would you consider developing your own Oikos map and begin to pray for each person daily?  Would you ask the Lord to give you the opportunity to share your testimony and the gospel with them?  

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