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Life Group Spotlight

Published Date: June 5, 2023

It is a pleasure to be a member/leader of the Bunnell/Evette Life Group. We have a great group digging into God’s Word together each week, in order to impact our homes, our church and those we encounter in our lives. We meet together on Sundays during the second hour at Taylors FBC. We have small groups of men and women that meet during the week to dig deeper into God’s Word and encourage each other as we face life together. 

While many of us have been together for numerous years, we are excited to see the way God continues to grow this group with several joining our group in the past few months. We are currently studying the Gospel of Mark. God has worked through many in our Life Group during the past 18 months, opening our eyes to the depth of His Word. 

It is a joy to see scriptures written so long ago and read so many times before, come alive as we discover the Story of God’s redemption unfolding from Genesis to Revelation. Our time together each week is leading to more consistent personal study, more purposeful parenting and more focused prayer. Through our Life Group discussions and small groups, we are able to better see so much that God wants us to know, be, and do in order to strengthen our relationship with God and others. 

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