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The Doll Ministry

Published Date: June 19, 2023

Every Monday afternoon, 25 to 30 ladies meet in the Taylors Rec Center to visit, fellowship, and make Salvation Dolls. “The Doll Ministry” of Taylors FBC began in 2010 and to date has made and distributed over 27,300 dolls! Every doll made during the year is given away; at the beginning of each new year, the process starts over at zero.

Each doll is made with love by our workers; the oldest member, age 98, works at home, sewing the closure after the doll is stuffed. The oldest person who attends regularly is 94. At each workstation, prayers are said for that particular task: drawing the pattern, cutting fabric, painting faces, sewing fabric bodies, stuffing the dolls, attaching the yarn hair, adding ribbons for girls and bandanas for boys, and tying a “salvation bead” necklace with a card of explanation around the doll’s neck.

You may have included one of these dolls in your Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. Many dolls have been taken on Reach Trips to foreign cities and countries including Africa, Brazil, Prague, Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, and others. A local dentist on mission to Ecuador uses the dolls as packing around his dentistry equipment when it is shipped. A local church took 250 dolls to Appalachia in 2022, and 500 were sent to Mexico for distribution. They have been shared with the victims of floods in Columbia and North Charleston. The dolls are used for local missions such as the Taylors Free Medical Clinic, Shepherd’s Gate, and The Windsor House. Churches as far away as Texas and Montana have received the doll pattern to assist in starting new doll ministries. Many children and even entire families have given their hearts to Jesus after receiving dolls. 

Opportunities to share dolls are everywhere. One of our members takes a bag full of dolls to the mall. While her husband walks, she greets children, offers them a doll and a coloring book explaining the plan of salvation, and tells them that Jesus loves them. In 2022, she gave away 495 dolls! A total of 2,313 dolls were made in 2022, with 821 given to Samaritan’s Purse, the ministry headed by Franklin Graham. 

You do not need to know how to sew to join the group. If you don’t like your workstation, just move on down the table! All are welcome. For further information about this ministry, contact us.

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