— Ministry Spotlight —

Taylors College

Published Date: October 2, 2023

The college ministry here at Taylors FBC has been experiencing an exciting and vibrant season of growth, marked by an increased hunger for the Word of God and a deep sense of community among students. The blessings from the Lord are sweet and evident. One of the biggest evidences is having to relocate The Gathering, our Wednesday night mid-week gathering, to the Taylors Ministry Center to accommodate everyone.

This surge in growth is a testament to the genuine eagerness of students to dive into their faith and engage with the teachings of the Bible. The hunger for God’s Word has ignited a desire genuinely learn about Jesus and develop a more profound connection with their faith. This semester we have been studying the names of God each Wednesday night and recognizing His character through those names. Without fail, we are hearing testimony each week of how God has provided, been their peace, and proved faithful in these students lives.

One of the significant impacts of this growth has been the transformation in the lives of the students. As they become more dependent on God and immerse themselves in His teachings, they are learning to ask meaningful and thought-provoking questions about life, purpose, and their faith. The reliance on God has fostered a sense of unity and genuine friendships among the students, encouraging them to support and uplift one another in their college journeys.

God has been so kind to us in allowing us to plant seeds and see them grow. We are moving into the Month of Impact with excitement to see how God is going to develop a “sending culture” within this ministry. The college ministry at Taylors FBC remains committed to creating an environment where students can cultivate a strong foundation in their faith and witness God’s name being magnified through their lives. We hope to develop “deep roots and strong limbs” each week. With God’s blessings, the college ministry is excited to embrace the future and see the incredible ways God will continue to work in the lives of the students, making His name great and impacting the world around them.

— Alex Smith, Minister of College and Young Adults

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