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 Los Angeles Assessment 

Published Date: March 13, 2023

Josh Duncan, Minister of Students, and Steven C., Reach Pastor, were able to spend a few days in Los Angeles (LA) with church planters in a workshop hosted by the SEND Network. Sixteen churches from across LA came to develop intentional plans to partner together to multiply churches among the millions of people in LA. It was exciting to see Will Browning, a former SC pastor and our partner, leading that network, casting a God-sized vision for the church planters to pursue together. 

Pray for a kingdom-mindset to mark the hearts of each of the pastors/planters in LA that will enable them to truly cooperate in their efforts, for the Glory of God.  

About three years ago a Southern Baptist Convention church in Tennessee sent two church planters and a few families to Anaheim, CA, to plant a church. That team established Echo Church. Already Echo Church has grown to a place where they have been willing to send a core group to plant a new church in Pasadena, CA. Trenton Mueller and his family have begun meeting weekly with their core team to worship, study the Word, and prepare for the official launch of the church, hopefully this fall. There was a unique kindred spirit with Trenton and his passion for and commitment to bold and broad gospel proclamation. Church planting in the New Testament is built on that strategic activity. 

  • Pray for Trenton and his team to abide faithfully and to see God work powerfully through them to bring much fruit. 
  • Pray for the many who Josh and Steven were able to share the gospel with that they would sense the stirring of the Spirit and recognize their need for Christ. 
  • Pray for three teams who will travel to LA this summer, that God would be preparing the way for them to be of great service–Taylors Students, Serve and Assist, and the Marriage Retreat for LA Church Planters Reach trips. 

Because of your generosity and prayers, partnerships in New England and LA are pushing into the darkness. Thank you!

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