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South Asia: Church Planting Train and Send

Published Date: May 28, 2024

On Easter Sunday, a team of three was sent out from Taylors to go to South Asia for the purpose of telling the Good News and training pastors and church leaders in how to do the same. We went out in high spirits, feeling the joy of the guarantee that the gospel will go forth without hindrance, just like Pastor Josh emphasized in his concluding sermon on the book of Acts. We had plenty on divine opportunities to speak with people about the hope of that gospel not only while in South Asia but on the way there and back as well. While there, we teamed up with some of our IMB partners, with local believers, and even with other travelers as we took every opportunity we could to engage people in conversation and urge them to consider the claims of Jesus. Further, we led trainings in various places, teaching church members and leaders about God’s vision for the world, God’s plan to use us to accomplish that vision, and some tools we can use to be obedient to the directives of God’s plan.

We believe the Lord was orchestrating all of our steps even down to the details of the encounters we had. For example, there were two people we got a chance to speak with one day walking around in a park; one was a believer, and the other was not. While sharing the gospel with the unbeliever, we got to challenge and model for the believer his duty to share this good news with his friend. We challenged him not to wait on some people to travel from 8,000 miles away to share with his lost friend, but to be about the work himself, encouraging him that the Holy Spirit is empowering him to be able to proclaim this gospel with boldness. In the same way, let us not wait on someone 8,000 miles away to get on a plane and come share the gospel with our neighbor. That plane may never arrive. Let us remember that the Lord Jesus has reconciled us to himself, given us a ministry and message of reconciliation, and has promised that he will be with us as we go.

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