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Women’s Virtual Bible Study

Published Date: May 23, 2023

The virtual Women in the Word Bible Study met on Tuesday evenings and studied the same curriculum as the in-person Bible studies. Even though we meet virtually, we have built a strong supportive community that shares a love for studying God’s Word and being in community with others. The virtual Bible study group gives women that may not be able to make it to in-person studies at church the opportunity to be a part of a weekly Bible study. Below are some quotes from a few of the women. If you’re looking for a place to plug in, we would love to have you! — Ingrid Huggins, Women’s Virtual Bible Study Leader

“As a special education teacher, I find the virtual Bible study so convenient after a busy day at work. I’m more likely to attend weekly. I love being in God’s Word weekly with my sweet Bible study friends.” — Dana Crumley

“The virtual women’s Bible study has been a lifeline to me – especially during a time of great transition in my life that keeps me out of town more often than not. It was wonderful to remain connected to God’s Word and to friends as we met each Tuesday night.” — Missy Edwards

“I am so thankful for the virtual Bible study! Most ladies that attend work full-time, and were virtual not an option, we couldn’t participate at all. I love the sense of community that has been created within the group, despite members who live out of state or those who must travel for work and join from a different city each week!” — Stacie Burnett

“If it weren’t for the virtual Bible study, I wouldn’t have been able to participate for the last two years from Orlando! Even though I’m 600 miles away, the virtual study has enabled me to meet every week with a wonderful group of women who have become good friends!” — Peggy Leis 

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