— Testimony —

The Well Church in Nashua, New Hampshire 

Published Date: April 10, 2023

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One of the young men in our church, whom we have discipled, baptized, and raised to leadership, invited one of his childhood friends to also come to the church. He was skeptical at first, but he came, because he saw tremendous life change, in his friend, Travis. Seeing what Jesus could do to change the life, Will became interested in Jesus too. After exploring, serving, and experiencing community with us, Will encountered Jesus Christ and his life has deeply changed. He’s become a regular member of our church, serves on a regular basis, and is in the process of re-organizing his life around Jesus and his priorities. Will has even started inviting his unsaved friends to come! Will was one of seven recently baptized. Check out the YouTube video of Will’s testimony:

Prayer Request

We are gearing up to start having a second service on Sundays and it’ll be a big change for our church. In the middle of a busy season with a huge egg hunt and Easter Sunday, the change will definitely be challenging. Pray for alignment – that God will keep us all united, and that many hearts would be open to Jesus, amongst our lost friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family.

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